GhostWin 1.1

Adds a transparency effect to any open window over the screen
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GhostWin is a small but useful tool that allows you to add a transparency effect to any program window so you can see the window’s background.
The installation of the program is very basic; it only requires an account with administration privileges.

There are two ways to activate the transparency effect for an open window; one is by adjusting its percentage of transparency individually - the transparency effect is automatically canceled when the window is closed - and the other, which is very functional, is by moving or resizing a program window. You can also give the focus to the window which is behind entirely. This ghost effect can be deactivated by right-clicking on the ghost which is placed at the top of the window.

In the Console you can adjust different parameters: you can activate or deactivate the transparency effect when moving or sizing a program window; you can enable to show the console at Windows start-up; you can reset to the default settings, and hide the console. And the last thing to bring the attention to is that since the application is installed as a service you can start/stop its process at any time.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can add a transparency effect to any opened window over the screen
  • You can also use the Ghost effect


  • Some programs such as Microsoft Excel and Access don't support the transparency effect
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